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Strategic Consulting

Documentation and Policy Development

A well-developed security policy is the foundation of any mature information security program.  AppSec Consulting has developed a comprehensive methodology and documentation repository that can be custom-tailored to your environment and business process in order to meet a wide variety of compliance frameworks and requirements.

If your organization has ever tried to use a “policy-in-a-box” solution, you have probably realized how limited and incomplete these solutions are.  Our approach follows a defined methodology to ensure deliver custom, appropriate documentation solutions that support your environment. AppSec Consulting starts by reviewing your business, security, and compliance drivers in order to identify the policies and frameworks that are required. After a thorough review of your business and compliance drivers and existing documentation, AppSec Consulting provides a report outlining gaps, and collaborates with key stakeholders to determine the policies that will be developed.  AppSec Consulting then develops and delivers customized content for review, tailored to your environment.

The AppSec Consulting Difference

  • Our policies are comprehensive and detailed, and can be customized to most types of environments and industries
  • Policies are developed based on your environment and business processes, designed to enhance your security program
  • Our approach differentiates us from the competition – clients receive executable custom-written documentation tailored to the environment, based on the latest security and compliance requirements
  • We're with you every step of the way, from explaining findings in the gap assessment to providing project management where needed

Our Approach

  1. Identify security and compliance goals and applicable policy frameworks
  2. Perform review of current policies in order to identify gaps
  3. Enhance current policies and/or develop new documentation based on the customer environment
  4. Collaboratively review new and revised documentation with customer
  5. Assist customer in defining requirements for policy maintenance, review, and dissemination

What You Get

  1. A thorough review of existing documentation, with a gap report and detailed remediation recommendations
  2. Policies and documentation tailored to your specific environment and compliance requirements
  3. Expert consultation and knowledge transfer
  4. Remediation project management should your organization need assistance.