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Compliance / Privacy

Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services

To meet the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) requirements, Data Controllers and Data Processors must appoint a Data Protection Officer to oversee their data privacy program. Article 37 requires a resource with “expert knowledge of data protection law and practices” - that’s where we come in.

For many organizations, complying with the GDPR’s requirements for a Data Protection Officer means hiring a full-time resource, or providing expensive training to get an internal resource up to speed. Our outsourced DPO services are designed to help you meet requirements in a manner that is aligned to your organization’s specific needs, size, and mission, without the expense and headaches that come with training or hiring a dedicated resource.

Our expert DPOs report directly to the highest level of your organization, ensuring your leadership is kept appraised of current privacy regulations and their impact to you and your customers, as well as privacy risks and issues your organization is facing.  Our team will help you define, design, and manage your data privacy program in a manner that will best help your organization meet all privacy regulations, ensuring that you avoid the hefty fines and reputational risk associated with non-compliance. The DPO will also manage day-to-day requirements, such as responding to privacy complaints and questions, so that your staff can stay focused on your core business goals.

Our qualified DPO resources bring years of experience in the data privacy, regulatory, information risk management, and security and compliance fields, with expertise in various security and reporting standards and best practices such as ISO 27001, NIST, SOC 2 and PCI DSS; this means we tailor our services in a manner that best suits you and your customers’ privacy needs and organizational requirements. We provide clear advice that fits your unique situation and strategic direction to ensure that your organization’s privacy processes and required controls are in place and working effectively, and day-to-day support and oversight of your privacy practices.  Our approach is designed to save your organization time, money, and give you the confidence that there will be no “surprises” related to your privacy program and practices.

Our Approach

Our proven Data Protection Officer services are design to help your organization:

  • Understand how GDPR and other Privacy regulations impact your business operations
  • Build an appropriate budget and sustainable program for supporting privacy initiatives
  • Attain and maintain compliance with mandatory privacy regulations in a cost-effective manner best suited to your organization’s privacy requirements
  • Gain confidence knowing that our privacy experts are providing proper oversight and management of privacy and security controls
  • Meet day-to-day requirements for privacy, such as responding to questions and complaints from your customers and partners and liaising with Data Protection Authorities
  • Demonstrate Board and Management due diligence related to privacy to your customers, partners, and regulatory bodies
  • Mitigate the risks of fines and sanctions resulting from non-compliance with privacy regulations

How We Do It

Our comprehensive approach to DPO services starts with a healthy dose of listening, as well as a deep analysis of your goals and privacy requirements, in order to make sure we clearly understand your needs and objectives. We’ll help your Executive Team and Board understand exactly how privacy regulations relate to the types of data your organization collects and processes, and then develop a cost-effective and appropriate program to help you meet applicable privacy requirements.

  • Scoping: AppSec Consulting works closely with Executive Management and Board members to properly identify all services/solutions, people, facilities, and data types to be covered by privacy regulations.  We’ll develop a charter to present to your stakeholders, ensuring that everyone understands and agrees to the scope and responsibilities of the DPO resource. 
  • Planning: AppSec Consulting works closely with your team to develop a customized project plan and budget that takes into consideration all available resources (internal and external), competing initiatives, and organizational size, culture, goals and objectives.  This plan includes the following:  
    • Identification of business process owners related to privacy
    • Inventory, definition, and mapping of privacy regulations to organization’s requirements
    • Development of detailed Privacy Program Budget
    • Establishment of communication and escalation processes
  • Implementation and Program Management: AppSec Consulting provides assistance and project management services as necessary to perform DPO activities. This includes:
    • Serving as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for EU Privacy Shield and GDPR requirements and providing advisory services and mentoring as needed
    • Overseeing the verification of privacy controls
    • Overseeing the verification of security controls related to privacy
    • Overseeing the performance of an annual Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), often required to comply with privacy mandates
    • Responding to Privacy program questions and data access requests on an as-needed basis
    •  Liaising with Data Protection Authorities on an as-needed basis
  • Privacy Program Reporting:  AppSec Consulting performs ongoing oversight of the privacy program and communicates relevant intelligence and metrics to the organization’s Board and/or Executive Management teams related to:
    • Compliance with privacy regulations
    • Privacy program effectiveness and metrics
    • Privacy risks
    • Privacy incidents

What You Get

  • Ongoing data privacy expertise tailored to your organization’s requirements and objectives
  • Confidence you can meet external and internal privacy requirements and regulations
  • A competitive advantage your clients will respect and appreciate
  • Visibility into your organization’s privacy posture, including strengths and opportunities
  • An objective assessment of your privacy program which will allow you to focus human and capital resources efficiently
  • A cost-effective resource dedicated to managing your organization's data privacy program