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AppSec Consulting to Participate at Bsides Minneapolis - June 24-25, 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tim Jensen, a Senior Penetration Tester, from AppSec Consulting will be assisting with the BSides Minneapolis Software Defined Radio 101 workshop. Come check out the workshop as well as all the amazing things going on at the convention. Tim Jensen specializes in Network and Physical penetration testing.

Software Defined Radio, or SDR, has become a very hot field of study over the last few years. With a $20 or less SDR radio, hackers can receive frequencies from around 67 MHZ to around 1700 MHZ. Common uses are listening to security radios, decoding police radios, capturing pager traffic, and tracking airplanes. With a more expensive SDR radio, approximately $300, an attacker can transmit as well as receive. This can be used for jamming frequencies which may include security radio communications or security video feeds. SDR can also be used to open some garage doors at loading docks or houses. SDR’s have also been used to spoof GPS, which has already been used to mess with autonomous driving systems and drone navigation.

The SDR 101 workshop will prepare teach students how to get started in this fast and changing field of study. Some topics will include setting up software, tuning your radio, common wave forms, decoding known protocols, and basic legal etiquette.

BSides Minneapolis is held June 24-25, 2017 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. More information can be found at

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