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We provide thorough assessments of all types of applications, networks, and infrastructure with guidance for improving your security posture.

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Gap assessment and audit services with a focus on real security.  Our experienced staff can help you reach your compliance goals in a manner best suited to your unique environment.


We offer engaging and interactive security awareness and technical training, both online and instructor-led.

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Brian Shura

Brian Shura

July 25, 2016

Views: 1050

Awhile back Stephen Haywood wrote a blog article called “Five Things Every Web App Tester Wished Developers Knew”.  I thought it would be fun to write an article from the opposite point of view discussing things that developers wished penetration / security testers knew.

Stephen Haywood

Stephen Haywood

July 18, 2016

Views: 1075

Recently one of our testers asked if there were any static analysis tools for Python code. He was reviewing a web app written in Python and was trying to identify any high-risk issues. I wasn’t aware of any readily available, security focused static analysis tools for Python because most available tools focus on syntax compliance not security and the few security-focused tools, like Fortify, can be very costly. However, I was able to give him a list of high-risk issues that could be easily identified with a manual review... 

Stephen Haywood

Stephen Haywood

March 18, 2016

Views: 573

When we do a penetration testing job, we typically use both Nmap and Nessus to scan the target devices for potential vulnerabilities. These scans provide us with a good understanding of the target devices and many of the common vulnerabilities present on those devices. Nmap and Nessus do not provide the whole picture but are a good starting point...

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