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Security Testing

We provide thorough assessments of all types of applications, networks, and infrastructure with guidance for improving your security posture.

Strategic Consulting

Our team of Security Experts provide industry-leading Risk Assessment, Project Management, and InfoSec Program and Policy Development services.

Compliance, Privacy, and PCI

Audit preparation, compliance, and privacy services with a focus on real security.  Our experienced staff can help you reach your security, privacy, and compliance goals in a manner best suited to your unique requirements.


We offer engaging and interactive security awareness and technical training, both online and instructor-led.

From the Blog

Lure: Phishing Target Recon for GoPhish

Jayme Hancock

Jayme Hancock

August 12, 2019

Views: 240

Phishing is hard. Arguably, the most important part of a successful phishing campaign is ensuring your email actually reaches the right people in the first place. This week I’m releasing Lure, a tool for helping automate target collection on phishing campaigns. 

Ten Useful Burp Suite Pro Extensions for Web Application Testing

Danielle Wong

Danielle Wong

June 20, 2019

Views: 763

If you are an Information Security professional, it’s likely you have used Burp Suite by Portswigger - a proxy tool to intercept, analyze, and alter network traffic. The following is a quick overview of some handy extensions that you can add easily to your current Burp Suite setup.

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Ransomware attacks reveal weakness in government cyber defenses


Written by Tim Jensen and published on Information Management magazine, this article covers the attacks becoming more common and affecting multiple computer systems used to run the government, remotely encrypting all the systems’ files. As officials across the country continue to deal with fallout from cyber-attacks, the lack of organizational resilience both in and out of cyber space is laid bare as repercussions continue to impact constituents and day to day operations of city and state governments.

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